12/06/20: "I decided to get behind the wheel one night after a few too many and was arrested for DUI. I was really scared and nervous of what was going to happen in the next few months since I was working full time and commuted to work. I was scared that my job would find out but Shakti eased my mind and explained to me what to expect. He had me prepared for every step of the process to avoid any unneeded stress or anxiety. I was afraid I would not be able to afford hiring an attorney but I was surprised at how feasible it ended up becoming. I would definitely recommend this law firm to anybody who was in my position."

10/12/20: "I found Mr. Vadgama online and from the first phone call I knew I was in good hands. He was tact, poised, and knowledgeable. I didn’t need to look any further and hired him shortly after our conversation. I explained my case to him and he gave me his opinion on how things would go. He did not sugar coat it and only gave me the facts, which I greatly appreciated. There was no false hope, only credible options that could work for me and my specific case. He is genuinely there to help. He is extremely knowledgeable about DUI cases and has extensive experience. He was beyond helpful and genuinely wanted to see the best results for my case. This made me feel less stressed about the situation because I knew he was going to be out there working diligently for me. Not only was he there to answer any and all of my questions throughout the process but also helped me with valuable information to make my case run as smoothly as possible. He handled my case professionally and never hesitated to tell me exactly what to expect. He was timely with his responses and always filled me in after each hearing. In the end he was able to get me a reduced sentencing. It turned out better than I imagined. I occasionally have questions about the after math and he is always available to answer my questions. Highly recommend for anyone going through a DUI especially in the LA county area."

8/13/20: "I hired Mr. Vadgama to rep me for a DUI case that I was illegally stopped for. Thank God I did because he helped get the case dropped. I talked to several lawyers and have 0 experience, but he made the process easy. He didn’t seem like someone just trying to get my money, he actually cared. He was honest, straight forward, easy to talk to, and most importantly - He did not OVERCHARGE! Highly recommended."

6/23/20: "I got my first and last DUI in October of 2019. I was very scared and stressed out because I didn’t know what to expect. After my boss insisted that I hire a lawyer and not settle for a public defender, I submitted an online inquiry for legal representation and the first person to reach out to me was Shakti Vadgama. He was very informative and genuine - after further research I found that having a lawyer that has worked for the court house (Metro) where you are being tried is a good idea - Shakti told me about his partner Adriana Quintero and her prior experience. Once I hired them they got me set up with how to find AA meetings near me, took care of both the court and DMV cases, and got me the best deal possible for my case. I am very pleased with how they worked with me. Adriana even showed me where everything was at the court house that I needed to be aware of, what things to take care of, and has been responsive to my questions even after the case was already handle. I definitely recommend Adriana and Shakti if you need a lawyer to represent you... thanks again!"


02/16/20: "Adriana was very nice to work with, she got me a deal that was amazing. She asked me what outcome I was hoping for, and she delivered. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thanks again Adriana!"

01/23/20: "Shakti is a very special person who I will forever be grateful for. I hired him for a DUI case in East LA court and a DUI DMV case. He gave me a very detailed summary of everything I should expect when we first met and everything went exactly how he described. He came up with a game plan that we stuck to and it paid off big time! I have a really good job and would have been fired if it weren't for Shakti and the amazing work he did on my case! After getting arrested I felt like my life was falling apart and everything I worked hard for was going to be destroyed. Shakti not only kept positive but he made it feel like a friend or family member was representing me and not just some random lawyer. Trust me this is the guy you want in your corner!"


12/30/19: "Best decision I made in 2019 was hiring Shakti Vadgama for my case. Shakti was very informed about my case and how to get the best results - and he did! Very knowledgable about my case. He later out a great game plan to follow. He listened to my concerns. He spoke to me like a real person, not someone who needed to show off that he was a lawyer. Felt very comfortable with him about me case. He did not take down to me or make me feel like I was in the wrong. I highly recommend him and his firm to handle your case." 

11/20/19: "I was blessed to be able to hire Lonnie to represent my husband. My husband was being charged with 6 felonies! & Looking at several years in prison! Lonnie’s genius work, great knowledge and awesome work ethic got my husband 6 months in the county jail and all the charges dropped down to misdemeanors. Lonnie works hard for his clients and isn’t afraid to go up to bat for them! He’s an amazing attorney and a great person to have on your side!"


09/19/19:  "Words can not describe how grateful me and my husband are for Adriana. I couldnt have gone through our case without her. Always taking my calls, my text, answering all my questions. She did everything to guide us and help us get through it. SHE IS THE BEST! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING OUR LAWYER ADRIANA!"


09/12/19: "Very fortunate to have had Adriana represented me at a time when I needed her the most. Very professional and kind. Very attentive as well. Without her experience not sure what my outcome would’ve been. I would recommend her in a heartbeat."


08/31/19: "I recommend you hire Shakti and his team. They are honest, compassionate and helpful beyond measure. As soon as they pick–up the phone, you realize you're in good hands. They understand what it is like to be going through the difficulty of being arrested and charged with a crime. They explain the process, if you do not understand, they explain again and again. They take their time to look at all the evidence, build a defense, persuade the prosecutor, advocate in front of the judge and deliver the best possible outcome as processed. Unlike other lawyers, it's not all about how much you can pay, but what they can do for you. I recommend them!"


08/11/19: "I got a second dui and was really scared. I had a bad lawyer for my first dui so I was going to use a public defender this time around. I ended up contacting Adriana's law firm and I talked to Shakti about my case. I liked that he was honest and straight forward about everything so I hired them. He assigned my case to Adriana and she was more than what I could have hoped for! She was so understanding and patient and she really knew her stuff. She didn't judge me and made me feel comfortable. She didn't back down when the prosectors were trying to give me a deal she didn't think was fair and she fought to get me a deal I didn't think I would get. She kept me posted about what was going on with my case and made everything so easy for me. I am very grateful to Adriana and I HIGHLY recommend her!"


07/05/19: “My DUI got dropped down to just a speeding ticket thanks to shakti and his law firm. They saved me alot of time and alot of money. I would highly recommend hiring them. After i got my DUI i was terrified. I was one of those people who wasn't sure how to go about handling it/timid about hiring a particular lawyer as well to beat this case considering i blew a .09/felt like i got screwed over by law enforcement. However i highly suggest you go with shakti and his law firm because they took matters into there own hands and acted swiftly/efficiently. I didn't even have to show up to my court dates. They showed up for me. They also beat the case and the DUI Was dropped. Thank you shakti and lawfirm. God bless!”

05/01/19: “I had my first DUI case, didn’t know what to do or who to call. When Shakti and Lonnie gave me a call I knew they were the ones for the job. Being as young as I am none of the law talk made sense to me and many other lawyers that came in contact were too fast and didn’t make it seem like they even had time for me. Lonnie and shakti were there to answer my questions whenever I needed them and got back to me ASAP in a timely manor. Lonnie was able to reduce my penalties tremendously, dropping the DUI from my record and turning it into an infraction leaving me with no probationary period. I could not thank him and his team enough for all the help they gave me and my family.”

10/03/18: “I truly appreciate Shakti. He was the first lawyer I spoke to that actually cared about my case. He responded to my request for a lawyer in 30 minutes. He explained to me my options. He was very realistic about my predicament. His firm is very inexpensive in comparison to other firms. I appreciate him because he always treats you like you're his only client. He always kept me in the loop in regards to my case. I could always reach him easily via his personal cell phone number. His law firm helped me beat my case. I'm truly thankful for him.”

10/02/18: “I received a notice in the mail. A notice I wasn't expecting. I was told I would probably need a lawyer. I did research and his firm was highly recommended. They were also very inexpensive in comparison to most lawyers. Lonnie cared about my case and doing what's best for me. My case was very small in comparison to his other cases, but he treated me like I was his only client. I appreciated the time he took with me. It seems like he genuinely wanted what was best for me. My hearing went amazing and I would recommend him to everyone.”

06/15/18: "Lonnie is a genius. His ability to think quickly and remembering the details are amazing. He has the talent to unearth the truth in the most stressful environments. His cross examinations skills are the best. He saved me from a Domestic violence case and the verdict was not guilty 12-0. Lonnies speech and personality demands the attention of everyone around him, Judge, Da, Jury and even the public's eyes and ears are wide open when Lonnie speaks. Once the case was over Lonnie had asked the jurors if there was anything he could do to improve; The answer was " No you were perfect." He is the best defense lawyer you can find." 

05/16/18: "If your ever in need of a great attorney I highly suggest you contact Shakti. I had gotten a DUI and his firm helped me out immensely. First I contacted them in a Wednesday night and he was able to consult with me that same week on Friday for FREE. He was straight forward with the likeliness of the outcome and how the whole process was going to work and what they could do for me. I was given the opportunity to put down what I could afford and schedule me on a payment plan that I could afford. Also the times I couldn’t make the payments on time he was fully understanding and worked with me 100% with no fuss at all. They were able to get all my DUI fees reduced along with making sure I was only given the 3 month first time offender course as opposed to the 6 month due to my HIGH BAC level and got me out of jail time.Working with Shakti made my whole situation kind of feel like it never happened, he never once judged me on my situation and provided great support and stuck to his word on how he would be able to help me. From day 1 nothing changed throughout the whole process. They represented me in court on my first hearing without needing my presence and gave me options of the plea deal for my sentencing hearing. I can’t stress it enough on how true to his word he was and how everything played out how he said it would in the end. If your ever in need of an attorney I highly suggest you get in contact with this guy, super chill, PROFESSIONAL and honest. Like I said he and his firm made my whole DUI case seemed as if it never happened. I got my DUI 10/8/18 and I already got my license back on 5/8/18 and already done with everything completely due to their help. If you have any questions from a former client of his my email is on here and I can further share my phenomenal experience with Shakti." 

04/12/18: "This guy will literally fight for you. Hiring him for a unjustified DV case with my girlfriend was the best decision. Watching him argue and defend our case with Downey's DA was more than pleasing. Lonnie went to bat and got us a good deal overall. Highly recommend Lonnie Mcdowell for any legal defense."

04/12/18: "After an unfortunate night that involved my girlfriend catching a domestic violence case that was completely unjustified, we knew we needed legal guidance asap. Extensive research lead me to Shakti Vadgma and his firm. After meeting with Shakti we knew we had found the right attorney firm for our case. His honest and detailed information gave us piece of mind while knowing we were in good hands. His professional and experienced associate Lonie went to bat in court, landing a sweet deal that will eventually dismiss the charge all together. I highly recommend Shakti, Lonie and their firm for any legal support."

01/30/18: "Mr. Vadgama helped me with a case back in December, and it was the best call I ever made. I was stuck in a delicate situation that required immediate attention and experience in a timely manner-- I was not disappointed. After listening to my case, Shakti was very intent on helping me to understand what was going on and what my options/ outcomes may be. We came up with a plan that was well executed and helped my case tremendously. I am deeply grateful Mr. Vadgama's help and would recommend his legal services any day. Thank you again."

12/26/17: "Attorney McDowell without a doubt exceeded my expectations and helped me achieve the best possible outcome given my situation. His knowledge and understanding was so appreciated and definitely unmatched—honestly the best legal counsel I’ve had in my personal experience. Thank you so much!" 

08/22/17: "I contacted Shakti one day before my court date. I was freaking out because I thought I waited too long to get an attorney to help me out. Shakti immediately made me feel at ease about my case and the situation I was in and him and his team took my case on one days notice at a VERY reasonable price and were able to get me an incredible deal. He is such an honest, personable and knowledgeable attorney. I strongly recommend Shakti and his team for any criminal/DUI case."

06/23/17: "I was helping a friend with a legal matter, and I hired Lonnie McDowell to help. Lonnie is knowledgeable, a quick study, easy to work with, and he knows the system. He was able to cut through the red tape and handle my friend's issue quickly and efficiently. Results were much better than I initially hoped - great in fact. Cost was reasonable, and worth every dollar. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense guy who knows how to get things done! Because it was not my case, I can't post the details, but I can say for sure that Lonnie responded quickly and resolved the matter skillfully. I'm grateful!"

10/24/16: "The police charged me with five felonies. The public defenders offer was terrible so I started to interview criminal defense attorney's in my local area. I must have met with at least twenty of them. I wanted a fighter and ended up choosing Lonnie. The first time I had him represent me, I asked him to try to change a "no contact" restraining order so my marriage was not destroyed by the state. I saw him fight for me before the judge. I believed then that he was the right choice. Never would I have imagined that it would be such a long drawn out fight. One and a half years of court appearances till the final outcome. I have no charges and no criminal record. I live in the Coachella Valley and hesitated to retain an attorney who lived so far away. Every court date I wondered if he would make that long drive. He is utterly dependable. My life is saved and most important my marriage is saved. How could I be more thankful. I will never forget how important it is to choose the right guy. To say I would recommend him would be an understatement. Retaining Lonnie is one of the best decisions I have made. Now its over. I couldn't be happier."

08/29/15: "There comes a time in your life, where many of us will make a mistake. Well, my partner was the kind of knuckle head that made a terrible, horrible mistake, where he was facing 25 years to life imprisonment. Our life changed immediately. It was not until a friend recommended Mr. McDowell as our legal representative, I immediately saw a light at the end of the tunnel, hoping that he could save my partner’s life. His review and concern over my partner’s case was truly sincere and caring. He was not overly zealous with his retaining fee and the price for his legal representation was quite reasonable. I never felt as though he only cared about his financial gain. He dedicated himself to do his very best with our difficult case. When he reassured me that everything would be ok, I felt a lot at ease. He represented our case professionally and appeared as many times as required without additional cost. Mr. McDowell answered all my questions with a wealth of information, and kept me informed before, during and after the court in timely manner. He worked really hard on resolving my partner’s case with a great outcome. He was miraculously able to reduce my partner’s life sentence to 6 years sentence, which is way below the mandatory minimum sentence! To be honest, after the sentencing, I hired another attorney to review the entire case of my partner. He said that from the facts gathered that were particularly egregious, my partner was exposed to significant state prison time and possibly extended prison time. His statement: “From my 33 years legal experience, Mr. McDowell did a truly miraculous job and your partner should consider himself lucky - I mean that.” Who does that? There are not many attorneys out there like him. They usually give up and only move forward if there is more money coming in their hands. I will honestly and truly recommend his professional and sincere service to all who want an attorney that really cares about your case as much as you do." 

08/05/15: "My husband was accused of a crime he did not commit. Due to the nature of the crime, the case was complicated. I obtained an attorney who was not sensitive to the situation and refused to take suggestions from my husband or myself regarding the issues at hand. He ultimately withdrew from the case right in the middle of the pretrial. I prayed and was directed to Mr. McDowell, who not only listened to the entire situation but offered some assurance that he would never leave us in the middle of the case and would fight to the finish. The entire process took 14 months and Mr. McDowell endured until the end. Case was ultimately Dismissed. I would recommend Mr. McDowell to anyone who needed an attorney who is not just looking at the facts but trying to get to the truth of the matter to service his client. His entire staff was kind and sensitive and made you feel like a person, not a criminal. I actually enjoyed the fact that Mr. McDowell was both professional and personable. It is Good to know that all lawyers are not just in the profession for only money. He cares." 

11/25/14: "I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful job you did handling my case from the beginning until my sentencing. I really appreciated your promptness, effectiveness, dedication, and ability to pay attention to detail. Thank you so much for your help and assistance." 

09/16/14:  "He was Awesome!! The public defender seemed not to care about my case. She just wanted me to settle. This was even before the preliminary. I thought I'd better look for another attorney. I called several attorneys, but they were all too expensive. I finally called, Mr. McDowell, and while not cheep his price was much more reasonable than the other 3 or 4 attorneys I received price quotes from. He even had some alternative financing options, including making payments over a few months. I decided to hire Mr. McDowell and I'm so glad I did. First, in regard to the plea the public defender wanted me to take, he said, why do you want to plead when you haven't even seen the evidence the D.A. plans to use later. That was what I was thinking, so I knew I found my attorney. Mr. McDowell was kind, compassionate, and best of all knowledgeable. He had his investigator look over the police report and found several errors. While not enough to get it dismissed without going to court, it did make a big difference in my case. Yes, I had a two word verdict on all counts "NOT GUILTY" I'm so glad I decided to fight instead of settle and have a conviction on my record. I highly recommend anyone in need of criminal legal defense, to hire Mr. McDowell. He, and his whole staff, were just great. I owe so much to them. If your looking for an attorney in Southern California, give him a call." 

09/08/14: "Mr. Mcdowell is very compassionate and takes the time to really look at the issues involved. He is an excellent negotiator and obtained the exact outcome I was hoping for. He would be my first call if I ever needed an attorney again." 

06/16/13: "I was facing serious charges which could have resulted in a very lengthy prison sentence. I interviewed a couple of attorneys, not feeling good about any of them. A friend happened to tell me about Mr. McDowell, who represented him a few years before. I called and spoke with Mr. McDowell. He really listened to me. By the end of our consultation, I decided to hire Mr. McDowell, and I'm really glad I did. As I said I was facing up to 13 years in prison. Mr. McDowell was able to get me into a diversion program instead of prison, which I've been in for the past 3 years. I have almost successfully completed the program. I'm free from drugs and alcohol. I've got my life back. I didn't go to prison, and I will have a clear record. Mr. McDowell saved my life." 

06/07/13: "Lonnie fights for his clients the way attorneys SHOULD fight for their clients. He goes after the other side relentlessly and won't let them get away with any crap. I've worked with a number of L.A. lawyers over the years -- many of whom should be disbarred. Lonnie was a refreshing tonic in a sea of sludge, and will go the extra mile for his clients. Can't recommend him highly enough." 

07/04/11: "I got stopped for DUI at check point. I never need a lawyer before so I don't know who to call. I found Mr. McDowell on the internet. I call and went to see him the same day. I hire him to handle my case. After a couple weeks he get the charges drop and my license back. Mr. Lonnie do a very good job for me. I would hire him again if I ever need." 


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